Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yard / Estate Sale

The estate sale was a grand success, but not primarily due to the clearing of the clutter and the money received. The fun came from meeting all the neighbors who came by, often walking, some with their dogs. Because we had three workers, me, Lonnie, and Terese, someone was always available to answer questions, give prices, and chat.

The first lookers were here an hour early, at 7:00 AM instead of 8:00. These were the die hards and the professionals, seeking specific categories of items. They all knew each other by first name. The front of the house filled, although the sale was supposed to be in the yard, and I finally called out that everyone should pick up a piece of furniture and head out the front door! We could have sold the Amish bent wood rockers several times over, but those weren't included in the offerings.

Finally, we got everyone herded out, and the buying frenzy began in earnest. Who had dibbs on what became important. I think half the items were sold before 8:00, when the crowd thinned, and several items had "sold" signs on them, waiting for the family truck. It seemed like the shoppers came in waves about every 45 minutes or so.

Sheryl, the dog rescue lady, came by with Hank, the Basenji. He's a sweetheart, and Sheryl is always talking about one dog or another that needs rescue.

A couple of wonderful folks, the Clicks, came by and purchased the dresser and mirror. They both work at ACC, and Terese enjoyed visiting with them, as she just interviewed for a job there.

The next lady around on Parkview came and told us the saga of our back fence neighbor. He is apparently in a home of some sort, after wandering in the yard sans trousers, letting the house deteriorate and fill with black mold, and exhibiting other bizarre behaviors. We gave the nice lady Mom's sewing machine for a friend of hers who wanted to sew, but couldn't afford a machine.

Another shopper from Parkview shared that in China, the grief process is allowed three years. Considering how much work there is to do, and how doing the work opens unexpected paths of thought, I think that's reasonable.

A pair of gentlemen who were professional garage salers, shopping for items for resale, helped tremendously, sorting through books for personal items to return to us, and advising us of things to look for.

Mr. Ashcraft came across the street to visit several times. He and his wife are such a wonderful couple, and I can remember when they built that house in the 1960's. They also help with dog rescue. Mrs. Ashcraft walks every morning, starting about 7:30, and she goes MILES and MILES!

Several people waited patiently for Lonnie, Todd, and David to make three runs for more stuff. One to the office for the office desk, a dresser, sofa, chair, ottoman, and pictures, and two trips to the storage unit for boxes of books.
By 1:00 PM, my energy level was waning. The constant chatter of "how much is this" and telling the history of items is wearing. We began a count down, and it was all I could do to sit still and not back the truck into the driveway to start loading the remnants. Finally at 2:00 PM, we loaded and carried two truck loads of miscellaneous items to Goodwill. All that remains were some of the very old 78 RPM records, the love seat, one dining room chair, one end table, and the old wooden turned arm chair. Those items moved back in the house.

Also remaining were the two computer tables. Those stayed outside until Sunday when the signs that said, "computer table, take me" worked. The nicer of the two tables went to a young couple in an old beat-up yellow truck. They said their computer was taking up almost the whole dinette at their apartment, and they were thrilled with the desk. We were thrilled for it to be gone!

A successful, but exhausting day. Glad it's done, glad the stuff is gone, enjoyed meeting all those folks!

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