Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wonderful Work Day

Some interesting developments up here in southern Missouri. One of our neighbor's friends is a high school senior named Cody Gann. As Gann is my maiden name, and I've never met anyone outside the immediate family with that name, I was excited. I spent some time talking to his mom, Anette Gann. Her great great grandfather was n Irish immigrant trapper in this area. We'll be doing some work on seeing where our family trees merge.

Today, Lonnie, Cody, Patrick (a friend of Cody's) and I worked all day at The Outback. The list of accomplishments is long:

1. Lonnie and the boys replaced the broken window
2. Cody and Patrick got ALL the baseboards installed. This was a big job. Two living areas, three bedrooms, and LOTS of closets. They then started caulking the top edge next to the wall and filling nail holes.
3. Lonnie and I installed the lights under the utility room wall cabinet.
4. Lonnie and I re-hung the shelves in the office closets.
5. Lonnie varnished the other side of the office closet doors, then we hung them back in place.
6. I installed automatic toilet cleaners.
7. I painted the baseboards in the kitchen.
8. Cody and Patrick repaired a hole in the office wall.
9. I replaced a door knob on an outside door.
10. I checked the well house to make sure that a larger pressure tank would fit.
11. Lonnie and I re-hung the utility room cabinet doors and installed shelf paper in the cabinets.

Tomorrow's list is almost as long as today's was! Patrick may not be able to work on Sunday, so it will be three of us working. I hope things go as well!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New renters in The Outback

Like I said in the last post, things work out. I put an ad up for The Outback last Friday at the grocery store. No calls over the weekend. Then, Monday when we got back from running our errands in West Plains, there was a message from a lady named Angela.

I left her a message; she called back; we made an appointment for 8:00 A.M. Tuesday.

Angela and Izzy arrived right on time, and I liked them from the moment they drove up. We have a great deal in common, including a love of crows!

They have been looking for a peaceful secluded place to live. The Outback is most certainly that. While Lonnie and Izzy worked on getting the broken window out of the frame, Angela and I sat on the back porch watching the wind blow the grass like waves on the ocean.

Our new renters and their three girls are moving in at the end of the month.

One phone call. The right folks. We are all blessed.