Sunday, May 28, 2006

A fortunate change of plans

Yesterday was a very productive, busy day at the Office of Multiplicity (formerly the Kubena Cabana.) Lynn, Misty, and I worked there all day, painting trim, staining and varnishing the base cabinets, doorways, windows, etc. Misty and Lynn built the window casing for the kitchen window and installed it, and Lynn finished the under-stairs closet door. My biggest job was setting nails in the stained chair rail and other trim and filling the holes with wood putty. WOO HOO! What a high tech job! LOL It's the little things that are really time consuming, but they make such a visual improvement.

Today we had planned to install the pantry cabinet, towel cabinet in the bathroom, and craft cabinet in the sun room. However, it started POURING down rain at 5:15 AM, and it rained for six hours. The back yard at the homestead was a solid sheet of water, all the way out into the pasture as far as I could see. As the cabinets are in Danevang in Lynn's workshop, and they can't be moved in an open trailer in this weather, work on the Office is postponed.

Instead, I've been performing a much needed cleanout of the kitchen cabinets, pantry, and bookshelves. Much of the boxed food in the pantry was dated before Mom's stroke and had to be tossed out. Beans, rice, flour, and pasta were buggy and will become compost. Some items that are still good but unlikely to be used will be going to a local food drive.
I am also boxing up books that can find a new audience elsewhere. Half Price Books in Austin ought to give me frequent flyer miles! I'm sorting other things, such as the keepsakes from my classroom and other dustables that are no longer important. The Goodwill store in Austin will receive those soon.

Although my intentions for today were sidetracked by the weather, the time has been put to fantastic use! I've enjoyed my projects and eliminated a lot of clutter. Hooray for RAIN!