Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Changes of plans

I'm starting to think that this kind of day is funny.

I *thought* I was going to make Brie and take down some bushes.

Then, it started raining.

I got the Brie working and decided to use the rest of the milk and make chevre, too.

And the plumber showed up.

And the carpenters who are putting in new soffits showed up.

And we had an electrical problem.

And there was no water to cool the milk for the chevre.

And we had to go to town to get electrical parts.

And Lonnie decided we needed to eat at Benita's Cafe.

So, the Brie curds are a little dryer than I wanted as they go into the molds.

Then he wanted me to install the new plug, and he told me the wrong way to hook up the wires the first time.

But, at 12:30, the water is back on, and the chevre milk is cooling, and the electricity works again.

Life is good..... and funny.