Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Need to update....

I haven't checked in here recently, and it's obvious that I should update this site more often!

At the moment, I'm in Eads, Tennessee, for our holiday visit with Nathan, Wendy, and Cole. Given that the guys are heavily into football on television, I have the time to work on the computer.

I've made the semi-annual move from Missouri back to Texas. The goats, dogs, and Lonnie and I drove south in early November. The Texas Animal Health Commission had their check station up at the border, something we've never seen before. We learned that the health papers we obtained were expired, so we had to get all the goats inspected and certified healthy after arriving in Jackson County. Other than that, the trip went smoothly.

After arriving, we've been in project mode. Things that we've accomplished include:
- installing a septic system at The Office of Multiplicity
- building a buck pen
- paneling the milk house to keep the cold North Wind out
- getting the spa repaired
- getting a new pasture renter who replaced fence before moving in cattle
- getting the hurricane boards down
- cleaning out the old smoke house
- sorting clutter and disposing of junk
- sewing twelve sets of flip-flop pot holders for Sandra to give to her Bunco ladies

What a wonderful life!