Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Day 2005

Dan and I drove up from Ganado to Austin yesterday. The trip went suprisingly well, considering the impending holiday. No wacky drivers on the highway, pulling out in front of oncoming traffic.

The same can't be said for Austin drivers. At the Y intersection of North Lamar and Airport, I was the first in line at the stop light. It turned green for me, and I just waited, which is the only safe driving technique in Austin. Seven cars went through, several of them after the other light had OBVIOUSLY been red for a significant amount of time. Driving in Austin requires defensive strategy.

Got up this morning and started the cornbread for the dressing. I'm making a double batch because we are going to MaryAlice's mom's for the big event, and there will be ten people there. Everybody is bringing something to reduce the pressure on any one family. We are providing the dressing and the sweet potatoes, both based on Chef Paul Prudhomme's recipes.

The weather is unseasonably warm. Today's forecast is mid-80's. It's nice for walking and doing things in the yard, but we sure need rain.