Friday, February 09, 2007

Getting Caught Up

I haven't posted since the Christmas season, so I guess I need to get things caught up and then get back into some sort of rhythm. As my life has no rhythm, that may be a challenge!

In January, I made a trip to Memphis to take Wendy the blue van so that she didn't have to drive Nathan's 3/4 ton Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel truck. Dan has one of these, too, and driving those behemoths is a big challenge in any city. The van is much more a ladies vehicle, with lots of room for Cole's car seat, etc.

Wendy's mom, Charlotte, arrived in Memphis while I was there, so we became the Granma's-In-Residence and quickly drove our offspring crazy by trying to help and be supportive. This lead to a bit of a conflict, with Charlotte and myself yielding on as many fronts as possible so that the stress level for our kids wouldn't increase any more than Cole's situation has caused. Our distress is minor compared to theirs.

Nathan took me back to the Cabin In The Woods, finally getting to see that countryside for the first time. He especially seemed to like the pasture at the top of the hill near the hand hewn log barn, and he agrees that it's a perfect spot for a house. With a bit of careful tree removal, the view across the Ozarks would be spectacular.

The end of January saw me heading back to Texas in Minnie's car. That's Lonnie's mom, and she isn't driving just new because she's recovering from shoulder replacement surgery.

Two weeks in Texas will enable me to get caught up on some things and (hopefully) get the tax info for the corporation, trust, and our personal tax return to the accountant. Yeah, I know it's early, but it takes a load off my mind to get it done and delivered. Mom used to get extensions every year, and I never could understand that. Reduce stress....get it done!

Sooooo.........that's where I am now. It's Friday, February 9, and I have delivered the corporate return info and the trust return info already. Today's goal is the personal stuff.

If all goes well, I'll be back on the road Sunday. Cole's surgery to remove the tumor is on Tuesday, and I want to be close by for that.

Say a prayer and throw pixie dust for safe travels and successful easy surgery.