Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Taking a Break from Austin

I'm back down in Ganado, dealing with the mail, bills, tax returns, etc. It's good to be out of Austin for a while. I truly love all there is to do there, but darn, it's spread out! I've gotten spoiled living in a small town where everything is just a few blocks away.

The situation with the flooring at Vine Street is still hanging. We haven't heard from the flooring inspector with her report yet, but Lumber Liquidators is trying to decide exactly what to do. They have offered a refund of $750, which is truly not adequate. I've asked for that, plus refunding the inspection fee ($250), plus refinishing the floor in the front three rooms and the hall. PLUS a plan in place for dealing with the other flooring if we find a problem there.

We picked up Nathan's big reclining chair from Frankie. It's absolutely beautiful.
Frankie has over 30 years of experience working for large furniture manufacturing firms in Houston, and I bet they were sad to see him go. He's an artist. We put brown suede on it instead of the leather it had before, so that it will match Nathan and Wendy's furniture. I don't guess they will come get the chair until they move to Florida. That's fine. It looks great in the living room!

I had a jury duty call this morning, but it was cancelled after we got there. Most of the people settled early, and the remaining six were no-shows. That loosened up the rest of the day, and we are almost ready to head back to Austin and then to Missouri to be there by Saturday for Kathleen's birthday!

The last two months have been incredibly busy. I haven't taken a day off since late January. I think when I get to Missouri, I'm going to sleep for a couple of days.

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