Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Grumpy Point

We have hit that point in the remodeling job where every little thing that happens seems to be a big problem, every step forward leads to two back, and grumpiness prevails.

The new floor was installed Monday, and apparently there was one box of defective flooring. The finish has come off in ten spots. I'm taking a sample of the leftover pieces that has the defect to Lumber Liquidators tomorrow to show them, and an inspector is coming on Friday evening. It's possible we will get reimbursed for part of the cost of the flooring.

The new back doors to replace the old jalousie doors were installed today, but now we have to repaint the trim.

The arbor is up, and it looks absolutely beautiful. That, at least, went without a hitch.

We are trying to get through so that Lonnie can get to Missouri for Kathleen's birthday on April 1. I have jury duty on March 29. We still haven't finished up at Mom's office, but I think that's just going to have to wait. The garage is still full of tools and lumber and stuff that needs to be sorted.

Overwhelmed is my middle name.

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