Thursday, March 16, 2006

Winding Up and Down

Today was very busy. The inside of the garage now has three coats of paint, and the utility room has one. I cleaned out one of Mom's old desks and gave it to a nice lady who is setting up an office in her home. She lives near the swimming pool, and she's been watching the remodel unfold over the past few weeks.

We made three trips to Lowe's in order to get the two new back doors ordered.

We picked up the glass backspash for behind the stove and the plexiglass cover for the tile dining table.

David and I went over to the O'Dell house, and I cut up all the limbs and branches that needed to be cleaned up and loaded them in the truck while David mowed the yard. Hopefully we will have a renter there soon.

We moved 43 boxes of bamboo flooring out of the storage unit and into the house so that they can acclimatize for Monday's installation.

I talked to the arbor installer's company. They are coming Tuesday to put the arbor up over the new extended front porch. Terese intends to plant climbing pink roses there.

The gas line plumber came by and capped the last gas jet that had been hiding behind a piece of furniture in the living room.

Mildred and Betty came over to see the progress on the house and to pick up some more of Mom's books. OOPS, just realized I forgot to give her a sculpture!!

Tomorrow is going to be calmer, I think.

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