Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rounding The Bend

This morning was frustrating, and I had one of those hours of not being able to do anything right, but luckily, it turned around.

The exterminator arrived to treat for carpenter ants. He's truly a nice man, and his family has been spraying Mom's house for over 18 years. Mom even did a sculpture of him years ago.

The 1-800-GOT-JUNK guys came at 9:30 and got our two big piles of miscellaneous trash. Everything from an old box spring to carpet scraps and broken plastic dog dishes.

After that, we made a trip out to Lumber Liquidators with the scrap of defective flooring. The manager said he hadn't seen anything like that in 15 years of selling flooring. He is sending email pictures and the sample to the corporate office and the supplier. We are hoping to get some of the cost of the flooring reimbursed and some sort of repair done.

The afternoon was spent in small tasks. Lonnie worked on the door latches for the kitchen cabinets, and I re-grouted the kitchen table. It really looks much better, and we put the plexiglass top in place. No more crumbs caught in grooves!

The flooring inspector is coming on Friday, and Terese is coming this weekend for her scooter class. Hopefully, we will return to Ganado early next week.

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