Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Food Surprise

Marisco's Seafood Grille on Burnet Road is in an old Pizza Hut building, next to Burnet Road Storage, which used to be the drive-in movie theater. We've been driving by it all this time, wondering if it was any good. Took the plunge this evening, and already have plans to go back there on Friday evening. It was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!

They don't have a website, so I can't share the whole menu, but we started with a Mexican shrimp salad. We have had them before that were just avocado and shrimp in salsa, but this was a delicious cold soup of shrimp chunks, avocado, and onion, liberally spiced with fresh cilantro, swimming in a tomato juice based sauce that had hints of sweetness. We asked the waitress if she knew how it was made, and she said there are three sauces combined in it.

Next, we had a plate of spiced chicken and shrimp with mushrooms and onions, sauteed in wine, lightly topped with white cheese. Sides were the most delicious white rice I've ever put in my mouth. We think the rice was sauteed before it was cooked, then simmered in a mild fish broth. The vegetable was a blend of corn, zuchinni, chayote, and carrot chunks.

We risked over stuffing ourselves with the flan. Very light, silky smooth, with a pale clear caramel sauce. Again, perfection.

Our plan next time includes the seafood caldo, crab enchiladas, and sopapillas.

Here's what I found on the web about it....
Mariscos Seafood Grill
A little more upscale (both in atmosphere and price) than their similarly-named competition, this small chain (is two a chain?) of restaurants is an excellent introduction to the joys of Mexican seafood. If you think south-of-the-border cuisine is all tamales and frijoles, well, no way Jose! And, by the way, Marisco's also serves tamales and frijoles if that's what you're craving... (North: 6444 Burnet Road, 458-9440) (South: 211 E. Sixth, 474-7372)

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Travis said...

Paumau and I ate at Marisco's several times. If they still have the "Foxy Chupacabra" margarita it's one of my favorites in town.