Friday, March 03, 2006

A Pause...then Chaos

The last couple of days have been moderately quiet. On Wednesday, we had only Todd painting, and on Thursday, NO workers for the first time in weeks! It slowed the pace of our day so that I could work on the finances, do some back yard clean up, and take a relaxing deep breath!

Today, Friday, the pace picks up again. The ridge vent/radiant barrier installers arrived at 7:00 AM. The tree trimmers and yard workers arrived shortly thereafter. More in that crew than I expected, including a scuzzy looking white guy, and the girlfriend of the son of the crew chief. My 'are these folks trustworthy' radar went up, and I should have listened.

During the morning, the girl, the nephew, and the crew chief used the hall bathroom. I had left my little gold hoop earrings in the soap dish that's right under the light switch. When I went in there just before lunch, they were gone. I told the girl they were missing, just as they were leaving to take the trailer of trash to the dump. She claimed innocence, of course, and they left. We decided to address the issue with them when they returned, but they haven't come back. This may mean we may have gotten a lot of trash hauled off in exchange for a pair of $20 earrings.

I also met with a gentleman over at the O'Dell house to look at Nathan's motorcycle. He said it would cost between $1000 and $1500 to repair it, depending on what level of cosmetic damage one would tolerate, and then only be worth $1500. He has a friend who may take it off our hands for $400.

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