Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Talking to Folks

When we went to Foley's to shop for shorts (thanks to the 80 degree weather), we got into a conversation with the lady who checked us out. The discussion started about people who try on clothes and just leave them piled up in the changing rooms instead of putting them back, but when she mentioned that she gave some of the slobs her "teacher look," I asked where she had taught. Turned out she was a junior college speech teacher in East Texas, but got out of it due to administration issues, too.

When we went to Lowe's to make arrangements for the new back doors, the young man who entered our information into their computer made the comment that my phone number was from South Texas. I said, "Yes, Ganado," expecting the usual blank look. Turned out he was from Palacios and is between Travis and Nathan in age. Small, small world. :-)

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