Thursday, February 23, 2006

We have HEAT!

After four days of incredible activity, noise, and commotion, we finally have Central Heat at the Vine Street house! Thank you to Christianson AC, Allison Electric, and Precision Plumbing. What a wonderful team of professionals we had working long hours to retrofit this old home with a modern central heat and air system.

Today we had everyone from those companies here at one time or another, plus the city inspector, plus the rock mason and his crew, and two estimators for other improvements. There were fourteen workers in and around the house today, and that's not counting Lonnie as he took down the stove vent hood, painted, replaced old electrical outlets, and kept an eye on those other folks. I managed to get a few more boxes sorted through, too, finding more of Mom's poetry and some documents from 1883.

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Sebastian Lynn St.Troy said...

Dearest Sister Finnabair,
I've adopted you as my big sister. LOL I look forward to the opportunity to read more of your mother's beautiful poetry. What a treasure you are finding indeed. Roadie sleepily smiles and says, 'Hi'.