Saturday, February 18, 2006

Shifting Gears / Multi-tasking

The last year and a half has a time of tremendous change for me. The process is ongoing as I finalize Mom's estate and move ahead with learning to deal with the business of the Trust. I am in the position of making decisions every day that weren't even on my radar screen two years ago.

When I quit my teaching job, I had a vision of what my life was going to be like managing my rental properties and tending to whatever projects came my way. Now, I can barely remember what that vision was.

One of the most difficult tasks is shifting gears as I multi-task. Going home to Ganado throws me into one set of roles and activities, and I am totally immersed in them, but the rest of the projects are in my mind, distracting me and calling for attention. In Austin, boxing up and disbursing Mom's possessions is daunting and stressful, expecially with tax-season duties shrieking in the background. When I'm in the Ozarks, the peaceful forest calls to me, and the desire to garden and landscape are siren songs that lure me from the obligations of paperwork.

I try to focus on whichever task is at hand, but there's this niggly thought that no matter *what* I'm doing.....I should be doing something else.

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Sebastian Lynn St.Troy said...

Dearest Finnabair,
WOW! WOW! WOW! Thank you for allowing me to share your thoughts through your writings.

I know about this 'niggly thought' that makes you think there is something else you should be doing, however, I'm also aware of the fact that what we are doing at each moment is what we are to be doing.

I know that each of us have many things to do each day and week, but I have found that through staying focused on one thing until it is accomplished works well. There are times that I need a break from big projects, so I divide them up into smaller stages so I can feel I have accomplished the task at hand then move onto the next stage.

We talked about the gifts that your mother left you in that house and I'm glad you are finding them. I'm glad you are learning about who your mother really was, not the mother you knew as a child.

Blessings of strength, peace, and endurance.