Monday, February 27, 2006

It's "worker central" again!

Today we have the stone masons back, finishing the wall and the paver patio in the back, the sidewalk in the front, and giving me an estimate on the flower bed border that I'm adding to the project. Jesse's going to do an S shaped walkway from the back door to the steps in the wall, too. He's really an artist.

We had a metal roof estimator. Not going there. Just can't spend $12,000 in that one spot, when a 30 year shingle roof is so much less. Also getting radiant barrier paint under the roof deck, ridge vent, and radiant paint on the inside of the garage door. It should help keep Terese's utility expenses down.

Todd is over at the O'Dell house, cleaning and finishing up the paint job there. He's just a great worker. Tomorrow, he is coming over to help us move furniture to storage. We have him reserved all day.

We hope to have the O'Dell house rented again within a couple of weeks.

We went to a belly dancing exhibition on Saturday evening and had a FANTASTIC time. Terese showed me the basic moves yesterday, and it makes you feel very, very flexible. I may go to a class with her in the future.

The weather has warmed up and is sunny. It's just delightful. The mountain laurel is in full bloom and covered with bees.

There are so many remodeling projects in the neighborhood that the air just vibrates with the sound of machinery and hammers. Springtime in Austin!

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