Monday, February 20, 2006

Transition Day

Today is President's Day, and about all that is different is that the banks and post offices are closed. For me, at the Vine Street house, it's Transition Day. The air conditioner installation crew arrived just after 9:00 this morning to install the ductwork and set the unit in the attic. They have been going back and forth through the garage and house with ducts, insulation, metal tape, ladders, wire ties, etc etc etc.

We discovered that the attic space is quite small. The slope of the roof is so minimal that there isn't much room for them to work or to run ducts. I'm glad I'm not the one in the attic this time.

While they are working, Lonnie and I are delving into the last of the master bedroom closet shelves. Today's treasures included a Time magazine from when Charles Whitman shot students from the U.T. tower and Life magazines documenting President Kennedy's assination. There were also lots of family pictures, some newspaper clippings, and a picture of the house that Daddy built out in Lakeway.

Mom's art work has come to light, too. I have never seen the watercolor wildflowers that were painted at the Grand Canyon in 1947. There's also a pencil sketch of a fireplace at Hermit's Rest at one of the Grand Canyon lodges. I found a picture online that confirms Mom's sketch as extremely accurate. There are pencil sketches that we will get framed to put up at home, at the cabin, and at my new office in Ganado.

The Monopoly game that we modified with Braille lettering was in the living room closet. Also a small bowling alley game that will go over to Kathy's house.

We took one load over to the storage unit today, and we have another staged and ready to go if it ever warms up here!! We're starting a junk pile on the North side of the house, and I'll be calling someone to haul all that off.

James came by yesterday to scout the cleanup in the back yard. I'll be scanning and sending him a picture of Nana and Mom, as he wants to post on his new real estate website that he has worked for three generations of the same family.

It's still very cold outside, in the 40's, drizzling, cloudy. If it freezes tonight, the roads are going to be SLICK in the morning.

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