Tuesday, February 14, 2006

One Computer Is Not Enough

Last week my laptop crashed, and although the Flashback Data folks did a good job recovering the files, restoring them to the computer has been more of a challenge. I don't have the disks here with MS Money and Quickbooks. I went to Office Depot and got the new MS Money 2006. MISTAKE!! It won't open any of the backup files. I fought it for an hour or so by myself, then for a couple of hours with two separate tech reps on the phone.

After giving up and uninstalling MS Money, I took my back up disks over to Mom's really old Dell that had the original financial software on it. Guess what!! It opened them just fine.

I'm going to be making more regular back ups, both on discs, and on the computer in the office at home. You just can't have too many backups...or computers. :-)

Something is seriously wrong with MS Money, and I think I'm not using it any more. I had trouble with it last year when I upgraded from '04 to '05.

That wasn't enough for today. After I got back to Kathy and Audley's house from changing out their TV cable box (which went very smoothly), the electronic key for my Tundra quit. When that happens, you can't start the truck, either. Sigh. Luckily, Lonnie was not far away at Lowes, and he had the spare key. Then, a trip to the dealership to get the key replaced. I guess you can't have too many spare keys, either!

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