Saturday, February 11, 2006

February 11, 2006 - Whole Foods and The Herb Bar

This morning, Lonnie and I spent a couple of hours walking in the 'new' Whole Foods store near downtown. This is the ultimate luxury food store. Almost all the vegetables are organic, there are more types of seafood available than you can imagine, and the freshly cooked food kiosks are overwhelming. You can wander around for hours and not see the whole store. Imported foods are the norm rather than the exception. I do wish they would do more samples around the store.

After that, we made a quick dash through the Farmer's Market on 4th and Guadalupe. It was MUCH too cold to be out for more than mere moments, but we were hoping for goat cheese. Unfortunately, the goat cheese folks weren't there, so we settled (HA!) for El Salvadoran tamales and fresh beets.

I had to call my friend, Sebastian, for directions to The Herb Bar on Mary St at First Street. This is because I forgot that there are two First Streets in Austin, and I was looking on the wrong one. After getting landmarks to look for from Sebastian (who is in Missouri), we found the vine covered cottage that is The Herb Bar. What a wonderful place! It's full of herbs, tinctures, aromatherapy supplies, crystals, art, books, tea, and serenity. Thank you Sebastian, for introducing us to another of Austin's unique shopping experiences!

Then on to Randalls for the normal grocery shopping. We have just about given up on H.E.B. because the one near Mom's house is not being kept clean, and there are often hookers shopping. Seriously. It's rather disconcerting. I'm sure they are nice ladies, but not exactly the company I'm looking for in the grocery aisles. Randall's is always clean, the people are VERY nice, and we can get fresh seafood and nice veggies there, too.

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Sebastian Lynn St.Troy said...

Finnabair, Twilia at the Herb Bar is wonderful and her place there in Austin is awesome. I was glad I could introduce you to it and it's wonderful energy. Thank you for sharing your Blog with me.