Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wonderful Sunday

I've got the Halloumi going. It's a middle Eastern cheese that you can grill! Non-melting. Often served with caramelized onions.

I mowed around the goat playscape and weed eated under the fence separating the goat yard and the house.

After lunch, I went to Kirsten's and drew blood to send for CAE testing on all her adult females. She has one goat with a hard udder, and I took milk samples to send in to the mastitis clinic.

I brought her a quart of milk (all I had) because one of her does had triplets, one doesn't make much milk, and she's grafting that one's kids onto her other milker that's in milk. No milk for her house! Darn, I wish I'd taken her some of the frozen milk. Didn't think of it!

I came home with a beautiful loaf of Tuscan bread, just out of the oven, a few tomato plants of unknown heritage, some goat ribs cooked with Garam Masala, and mint roots. Also brought home the long flatbed trailer that she kept safe over the winter, as I need to pick up more cattle panels on Monday.

This evening, I planted the tomato plants and mint from Kirsten, then planted rutabaga seeds. I've never grown them, but I like saying RUTABAGA. Rutabaga, Rutabaga, Rutabaga.

Snowbelle's walking better after I trimmed her hooves this morning.

When I went out the door to milk this evening, Orange, Bella, Tonto, Prince Charming, and Aster were coming up the hill in the back yard, between the house and the birdbaths. This is not where goats are supposed to be. Sigh. The fence that separates the hay field from the little orchard was down in one spot, and they found it, of course.

When I was giving Prince Charming his bottle after I milked, Tonto chewed through my ear bud cord on my MP3 players. Luckily, there are extra sets of ear buds in the desk drawer.

Goats. Gotta love them.

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