Friday, April 27, 2012

Back to paperwork, mail, and bookkeeping

Yesterday was a VERY full day, and we got a lot accomplished. My friend, Cyndy, came over and we sorted through three closets of stuff and uniforms. There's a stack to go to the daughters, a stack for the auction, a staging area full of items for the auction in the fall, and a large sack of clothing going to the Sheltered Workshop in Alton.

After that, we cleaned the milk house and installed the new washable mats on the milk stands and floor. I caulked the seams that had allowed rainwater to come in.

Then, we mowed. Three of the mowers are working now, thanks to Lonnie's stash of new lawnmower batteries. Cyndy mowed around the house, and I mowed the front pasture/yard.

This morning, I'm decluttering. Sorting and cleaning makes more mess!

In a little bit, I'm going to start on the stack of mail, paperwork, and bookkeeping. There are Lonnie's things to deal with, and the end of the month approaches, so there's the normal bookkeeping.

I'll run to town later to go to the post office, bank, feed store, etc. It's nice to do NORMAL things.

The garden is looking good, even if it's only partly planted. The peppers, tomatoes, and herbs survived transplanting in fine form. The lettuce is starting to sprout. Still waiting to see little beans and squash coming up.

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