Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back in the Ozarks

I returned to Missouri on April 17th. The migration north was a bit early this spring due to several factors:

1. I have goats due to kid in May, and they needed to be settled in and NOT traveling for a month before their due dates.
2. The Go Green Festival in Thayer was scheduled for the following weekend, and I wanted to attend.
3. I needed to begin the process of settling Lonnie's estate.

After a week of being here, all is going remarkably well. The goats are happy. The festival was outstanding. The legal process is underway.

Today, my plan is cleaning and sorting out things in the kitchen, making goat cheese (cheddar and feta), and doing goat stuff. I need to separate the bucklings from the girls, clean up the fence lines so the electric fence doesn't short out, and clean the milk house.

However! I got distracted by cleaning the kitchen drawers because of the mouse droppings I found when getting out the utensils for making cheese. So, washing all the kitchen spoons, spatulas, silverware, etc., took precedence!

I did get the buckling's fenced area ready.