Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More to do!

Looks like I will be here in Texas the rest of the
month. The gas line installation is slower than I
expected. They called Monday to say I was on the
list. The owner of the company came by yesterday
morning to look at the project and step off the
length of the pipe. Two workers came by yesterday
about noon to pressure test the house and tell me
they couldn't get to it yet. The gas company has to
have documentation that the job is done and
re-pressure tested before they will even schedule
re-setting my meter.

My new crowns that they did the preliminary tooth
work for won't be back from the lab until Sept 24th.
I'm on the 'will call' list for an appointment
opening ASAP after they come in.

I have to get a new goat pen built, too. One of my
renter's brothers-in-law had to move, and their goats
are in our goat pen here till they find another place.

Luckily, the new girl working at the feed store was a
senior at Louise High School when I went to work
there mumble years ago, and she knew someone in
Louise (also a former student of mine) who now builds
fence. He's coming today to give me a bid.

So, the work continues! Wednesday is an office day
for me. Paperwork, paying bills, and filing. I
always feel good when it's DONE!

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