Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trust News

The Leigh Family Trust purchased the Hulvey homestead and 62 acres in the spring of 2006. The Hulvey's had reduced their selling price by substantially in exchange for staying in the home while they built their new one. It was a good deal for everyone. Except for some minor insurance issues, I've left them alone to get their home built. I am definitely a low interference landlady!

The spring trek to Missouri brought me here on April 28th. The next morning, I get a call from the Hulvey's. They have finished their home and will be moved into it on Wednesday. What fantastic timing!

With two phone calls, I have the electricity scheduled to go into our name. We'll be meeting with the Hulvey's today to get the keys and inspect the house.

As it's the end of the school year here, there will be new teacher and coaches arriving over the summer, so I hope to have it rented soon. I actually already have a lead on one potential renter.

Things work out.

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