Saturday, February 09, 2008

Louise and Edna

On Thursday, February 7, just after lunch, our LaMancha goat gave birth to twin doelings. The birth was witnessed by me, Lonnie, and Jimmy. The black one is Edna, and the one with more color is Louise.

Princess and Edna
Louise, too

History of Louise and Edna -
Named after a daughter of Colonel Hungerford, Railroad V.P., Louise dates to 1881, the date the railroad came through. Hungerford had been a barber in New York City and passed through Texas en route to Mexico during the Mexican War. His beautiful daughters married well. Louise married a Mining Engineer who struck it rich in Nevada, and Edna married a European Count named Telferner. Together they formed a railroad company: The New York, Texas and Mexican Railroad. Construction began from both Rosenburg and Victoria. This explains the town names for Edna, Louise, Hungerford, Telferner and Mackay (Louise's Husband's name).

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