Monday, February 04, 2008

2/4/2008 Wonderful homesteading day!

This morning started out early because I thought it
was going to rain in the afternoon. I had nine
broccoli plants that I needed to get in the garden
first. Got that done, then worked up two more beds
and planted some old dry pinto bean seeds and some
flax seeds. If they come up, they will be goat snacks.

I was working on a new compost bin, which will bring
the total to three, when my phone rang. There was a
plumbing blockage at the Rogers Street house. Called
the plumber, but the dispatcher said it would be
Friday before they could get someone there. Went to
the store to get Draino. Seven bottles. Went to the
Rogers Street house, dropped off Draino, talked
plumbing, etc.

Bank, post office, feed store, Wal-Mart. Grabbed
some to-go lunch.

Worked in the office on paperwork for a couple of
hours, then headed back to the back yard to get in
dill and spinach seeds. That was interrupted by the
owner of the stray horse that's been living here
about six months or so. He had finally fixed his
fence and come to get her. He was worried about
whether she would load in the trailer, but she
followed me right in without a problem.

LaJoy, the new renter, brought back my pie plate.
Lonnie and I had made her family dinner last week.
She has a new baby at home.

Picked 20 oranges from the big tree by the garage.
Made orange juice. Gave some oranges to Lajoy.

Back to the garden. Got the seeds in. Then,
shoveled a wheelbarrow full of aged compost out of
the bins and spread it on the asparagus bed.
Hopefully, it will rain tonight. If not, I'll water
everything in the morning.

Milked the goat. Got a very full quart and a half.
Orange is keeping us in milk through the winter,
which we didn't expect. This is very very cool.

I think I'm heading to the shower now!

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