Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

It has been a quiet day. The morning was blessed by a visit to Yarrow and Jessica's house. I hadn't seen Jess's son, Zade, in a year. He's quite the blue eyed toddler charmer. Yarrow and I talked about our plans for Permaculture and food forest plantings.

Lunch was a salad with egg and goat cheese and homemade goat yogurt ranch dressing.

While I was eating lunch, something fell from the Mimosa tree outside the living room windows. I saw it fall from the corner of my eye, and heard the THUMP. Looking out, I saw what appeared to be a piece of black garden hose at the base of the tree. Then, it moved. It was a rather magnificent black snake, who had been working his way up the tree to have his lunch of baby birds in a nest. After recovering from his fall, he slithered toward the house. NOT a good option, in my opinion. They are beneficial snakes, as they eat mice, but I don't relish his company IN the house. I tossed pebbles at him to discourage his progress in my direction, but now he's in a cart of construction debris. I'll get Vance to move the cart and unload it in the burning pit tomorrow..... warning him about the snake, of course.

The rest of the day was filled with paperwork, bookkeeping, and gardening. I think the paperwork and bookkeeping would be easier if I'd spend an hour a day on it, instead of marathon sessions. That's how I'm dealing with the gardening. I'm still planting in succession so as to extend the harvest.

Got in some yoga and slow undulations, which is helping my back recover from lifting a heavy window last spring.

Life is good.

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