Friday, June 11, 2010

Busy Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Really good day. I mixed buck feed, and I don't need to get more feed till Friday. (Maybe we can NOT go somewhere for a couple of days?)

Cleaned all the waterers and decided to ask on the goat boards if anyone uses an additive to keep the algae down.

Trimmed back some of the trees by the garden, fed the trimmings to goats.


Planted okra again. I have leftover okra seed and some of the wax bean seeds for you.

Watered the garden, the flowerbed by the bird baths, and the mint/herb bed.

Put out tick granules so that we won't have any bugs in the yard when Nathan and Cole come for Father's Day.

Got the hoop house down and out of the Forest Goat Pen.

Made Chicken Chinese and Veggie stir fry for lunch.

Played Farkel.

Took a nap.

Fixed Hibiscus Mint tea.

Pete got the tiller started, so I'll use it tomorrow to work on the compost.

Made a draw string edged little tablecloth for the table outside the back door. Looks better than stained plastic.

Salad supper: Caprese salad, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli salad.

It was SO hot this afternoon that I didn't take the goats on their browse walk until after supper. Pete had brought the flat bed trailer back, so everyone except Princess spent some time playing on it. Kate and Abby spent MOST of the half hour on the trailer.

Starting to milk Cassie in PM, too. She's weaning Abby.

Dessert will be vanilla ice cream with raspberries.

Report end. ROFL.

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