Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cold, wet spring in Missouri

The weather here in south central Missouri has been persistently wet and cold since we got here. Lows in the low 50s, and if the afternoon temp makes it to the mid 70's, it's a miracle!

The rain has made it hard to get to the cabin by road. We've been there on the four wheeler by going through the woods twice, and by the road once after it didn't rain for about 36 hours. Still had to use the four wheel drive about half way in on the county road. I'm going to have to talk to the county commissioner again to get more chat (crushed rock) put down.

We have the garden part way in. Planted: tomatoes, peppers, rhubarb, butternut squash, basil, and parsley. Seeds in: beans, squash, swiss chard.

It's raining again now, and it's supposed to rain tomorrow. We'll get the rest of the seeds in after a few days of sun... whenever that happens.

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