Saturday, June 30, 2007

In Between Rain Showers

It is now POURING down rain here at the 3 Bar A Land
and Cattle Company. Sigh.

The good news is that I got the yards (front, back,
dog) at our house mowed yesterday, the Kubena house
(my office) mowed, and Dan's citrus orchard mowed
yesterday. Finished up the yard at the Cottage (rent
house out farther on 1157) about 10 minutes ago.

This morning I sprayed Round Up on fence lines and
around trees for two hours, and I don't know if it
was on long enough before the rain started.

I spent an hour or so cleaning up a wood scrap pile
at the cottage. We had to have it treated for
termites and a bunch of repair work done on the back
wall. We are burning the scraps and tree trimmings
down there. I had a pretty good fire going earlier.
Dunno if this rain will put it out or not.

The renter at Uncle Louis and Aunt Mary's house
(brick one on the left as you go back to town) has a
step son (age 22) temporarily living with her, and he
did some clean up at the cottage yesterday. Today he
was supposed to come back and take the skirting off
my office because it's keep the moisture under the
house, but he hasn't showed up yet. With the rain,
he may have missed the opportunity to work today.

Other than that, I put poison out on fire ant hills
and sprayed the yellow jacket nests under the eaves
around the house.

There's now water standing in the yard. Hmmmm. I
think yard work is over for today. I'm going to take
a shower and go across the street to my office/craft
studio and sew!

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