Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Grazing Austin - A Culinary Journey

January 25, 2004

Today after lunch ..... ( I never finished this blog post on that day.)

Added on November 24, 2005
Much happened in the months since I signed up for this blog space. Mom didn't recover from her stroke as I had hoped she would. She passed on February 24, 2005.

I thought I would be able to get her house cleaned out and ready to rent in a year. Very very much wishful thinking. Maybe another year or so.

Anyway, in reference to the title of this blog page, my favorite places to eat in Austin include:
1. Mongolian Barbecue - choose your own fresh ingredients and watch as they are stir fried on a HUGE domed grill.
2. Elsi's - combination of Mexican and El Salvadoran quisine within walking distance of the Vine Street house.
3. Any of the gelato places - it's my favorite afternoon snack

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